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Mar 17 2005

对核心管理政策进行实时的调整,其中包括可能对开放的 IP 范围进行暂时
的各项决定、爱护我们的 BBS 水木清华站。
十年以来,我们的许多用户在从学校毕业后,一直对 BBS 水木清华
BBS 水木清华站过去十年的历史表明,在良好的用户群体氛围,优
故此,站务委员会必须声明,校外用户是 BBS 水木清华站极其重要
的一个活力源泉。无论过去和未来,在任何情况下,BBS 水木清华站都不会
对于校内用户,暂时关闭校外 IP 访问,也可能在假期等情况下,给
您带来诸多的不便。但 BBS 水木清华站也期望您在此期间,能够协助广大版
BBS 水木清华站站务委员会

(A machine translation:<, the wooden water tsinghua uni thingy is just smth)
Every user,
how do you do, The meaning written with this letter lies in , SMTH stands and possibly continues in the near future according to the environmental change, carry on real-time adjustment to the key management policy, include carrying on temporary adjustment to the open IP range. So, the affair committee stands to want to pass this letter, while playing a role in notifying before a thing, invite our station school internal and external user during this period , can continue with over the past ten years the same, is it stand affair every of committee determine , cherish BBS ink wooden Tsing-Hua University of us not to stand to support. Since 10 years, a lot of users of ours have been standing and cherishing the deep emotion to wooden Tsing-Hua University of BBS ink straight after graduation from school, water wooden Tsing-Hua University stand to they working, living after graduating, one important communicative channel and message platform very. Since the one year , have a lot of outside school user of Tsing-Hua University too , reap no little benefit from water wooden Tsing-Hua University the academy and information platform. The wooden deep academic layout inside information coming down in accumulation over the past ten years of Tsing-Hua University of water, in addition the remarkable contribution from regional user outside school, the academic layout making water wooden in Tsing-Hua University, enjoy lofty reputation in the education network. History that wooden Tsing-Hua University of BBS ink stands in the past ten years shows , in good user's colony atmosphere, outstanding academy , information layout construction, the and effective , strict one is managed under the condition inside the station, users outside school will not interfere the factor of management inside the station, will not be the source which cause all kinds of destabilizing factors either. Opposite, one is fully opened, user's colony outside school managed strictly, to the vigor and quality which wooden Tsing-Hua University of water stand, then to showing the academic reputation of Tsing-Hua University clearly, been making enormous contribution. So stand affair committee must declare user whether BBS water wooden Tsing-Hua University stand important vigor source extremely outside school. No matter in the past with future, under any circumstance, BBS water wooden Tsing-Hua University is it can forget the masses of users outside school to stand. Visit any adjustment of authority can for the moment only, expect the masses of user can stand and continue to share in trouble with wooden Tsing-Hua University of ink outside school also, overcome the difficulty altogether. To users in the school , IP is visited to close outside school temporarily, perhaps in case of vacation,etc. too, bring a great deal of inconvenience to you. But BBS water wooden Tsing-Hua University is it expect you during this period , can help vast edition advocate peace other administrative staff too to stand, maintain the discussion order of each layout well, overcome the difficulty with the wooden station of Tsing-Hua University of water altogether together too. Extend the most sincere thanks to you!
Wooden station affair committee of Tsing-Hua University of BBS water
March 16 , 2005

I've predicted it before. In my signature after YTHT BBS's down.

>> 一塌糊涂挂了,下一个该是水木了。
]] YTHT died; the next one should be SMTH.
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