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Welcome to Gong Xun(minus273)'s Homepage/Blog/Wiki/Anything:)
Recent Major Update/最近大修: Oct 28/29 2005 (Comment System/留言系统)
Recent Non-Blog Update/最近非网志新页: Garbage (Why UTF-8 rocks/UTF-8好)

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AboutMe: minus273 "the person" and how to contact me/负二七三“个人”以及联络方式
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions/常见问题
GuestBook: Guestbook renaissance!/留言版复活了!
Forum: minus273's little forum/minus273的煮酒区(论坛)
Computer: Computer stuffs/与计算机相关的东西
Languages: Languages, Linguistics and Conlanging/语言、语言学和人造语言
Misc: Life, Universe and Everything/生命、宇宙和一切
Bogen: Books, pretty books/书,好玩的书
Tokument: Documents/文档
Links: Links/连接
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KeyBoard: Useful little keyboard/小键盘

5 Newest Blogs
May 16 2006 LetterToCherub: Re-read my letter to Cherub/重读当时写给Cherub的信
May 6 2006 Mariaslied: The Song of Mary Magdalene/抹大拉的马利亚之歌
May 4 2006 TimePast: I'm Epi's fan/我是Epi的fan
May 3 2006 PhilosophicalNotes1: Minus273's philosophical notes 1/minus273的哲学笔记之一
Apr 27 2006 PlutarchLives: Plutarch's Lives, Pericles/普鲁塔克列传之伯里克利

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sunzx says at Mariaslied: 波斯绝句...是不是就是Rubaiyat那个Rubai啊~~
我喜欢Omar Khayyam写的诗...
B says at PhilosophicalNotes1: 过自己的生活
B says at LetterToCherub: 还是那句话,好生走
minus273 says at TsinghuaMormons: 现代的不是,我对基督教的异端从来没有排斥态度。(当然,我自己既然不是基督徒,“排斥异端”就是恶搞了。)
cyberblue says at TsinghuaMormons: mormonism是一夫多妻主义者?