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February 3, 2006/2006年二月3日

Displayed at the end of the search results provided by Google China:
>> 据当地法律法规和政策,部分搜索结果未予显示。
(In accordance with the local laws and policies, some of the search results will not be displayed.)
And Google Cache isn't available even in a Google like this.

"Google is right"

DAVOS, Switzerland--Google co-founder Sergey Brin said his company's decision to self-censor its Chinese search system followed a change of heart over how best to foster the free flow of information.

Google said Tuesday it will block politically sensitive terms on its new China search site and not offer e-mail, chat and blog publishing services, which authorities fear can become flashpoints for social or political protest. Those actions go further than many of its biggest rivals in China.

"I didn't think I would come to this conclusion--but eventually I came to the conclusion that more information is better, even if it is not as full as we would like to see," Brin told Reuters in an interview in Switzerland.

Google, whose high-minded corporate motto is "Don't be evil," had previously refused to comply with Internet censorship demands by Chinese authorities, rules that must be met in order to locate business operations inside China--the world's No. 2 Internet market.

"I know a lot of people are upset by our decision but it is something we have deliberated for a number of years," Brin said from the sidelines of the World Economic Forum conference here.

At least for now, Google will offer just four of its core services in China--Web site and image search, Google News and local search.

The voluntary concessions laid out on Tuesday by Google parallel some of the self-censorship already practiced there by global rivals such as Yahoo and Microsoft, as well as domestic sites.

"There is no question. Google would tell you that going into China is about making money, not bringing democracy," John Palfrey, author of a study on Chinese Internet censorship and a law professor at Harvard Law School, on Google's action.

"The practical matter is that over the last couple of years Google in China was censored--not by us but by the government, via the 'Great Firewall,'" said Brin. "It's not something I enjoy but I think it was a reasonable decision."

In different political circumstances, Google already notifies users of its German and French search services when it blocks access to material such as banned Nazi sites in Europe.

"France and Germany require censorship for Nazi sites, and the U.S. requires censorship based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. These various countries also have laws on child pornography," he said.

The DCMA law requires U.S. Internet service providers to block access to Web sites violating copyrights on materials such as music or movies.

"I totally understand that people are upset about it and I think that is a reasonable point of view to take," Brin said of Google's compromise in China.

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chris says:
have a look at...
minus273 says:
标 题: Re: google.com即将结束在大陆的服务zzfrom饮水思源 (转载)
发信站: 水木社区 (Mon Feb 6 10:39:04 2006), 站内

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标 题: Re: google.com即将结束在大陆的服务zzfrom饮水思源 (转载)
发信站: 水木社区 (Mon Feb 6 11:34:58 2006), 站内

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minus273 says:
minus273 says:
minus273 says:
And in this way Google is great in letting users knowing that.
Jason says:
The news about Google bowing to the Internet censorship of China has hit the headline of media around the globe last week. Google is now under the critics of human rights groups and US government. However, I think has made their efforts because they let you know about the filtering and what were filtered.

Now, there is a saying “we hope the Internet could transfer China, not China transforms the Internet”.

I don't know whether you can visit this page from CNET.
Cherub says:
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