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KauyokVM -- Minus273's Homepage

Minus273's Homepage -> KauyokVM


KauyokVM, "Kauyok" means "Education".


Much simplier than NMachine. Only a stack and a memory.
The stack is composed of DATA ELEMENTS(an integer, a single), not bytes. So does the memory, but the memory also supports strings.

Premature Specification

Introduction and Notes

All integers are in network byte order.

The Structure of a Data File

The first four bytes of the file is "kyvm",
The next two bytes are the version of the machine, currently 00 00.
The next two bytes are the number of segments.
The next contents are divided to several segments.
Segment 1:


pxpy means pops x elements off the stack and pushes y elements on the stack
The poped elements are called a, b, c... The pushed elements are called p, q, r... All in pushing order.
00 nop: Does nothing
01 call [byte A]: Call routine A
02 jmp [word A]: Jump to byte A
03 if [word A]: p1p0, Jump to byte A if a is non-zero
04 lod [4bytes A]: Load a constant to the top of the stack
05 add: p2p1, p=a+b
06 sub: p2p1, p=a-b
07 mul: p2p1, p=ab signed
08 div: p2p1, p=a/b signed
09 umul: p2p1, p=ab unsigned
0a udiv: p2p1, p=a/b unsigned
0b mod: p2p1, p=a MOD b signed
0c and: p2p1, p=a AND b
0d or: p2p1, p=a OR b
0e xor: p2p1, p=a XOR b
0f not: p1p1, p=NOT a
10 log: p1p1, p=(0: a==0, 1: a!=0)
11 ugt: p2p1, p=(a>b unsigned)
12 uge: p2p1, p=(a>=b unsigned)
13 sgt: p2p1, p=(a>b signed)
14 sge: p2p1, p=(a>=b signed)
15 fadd
16 fsub
17 fmul
18 fdiv
19 fgt
1a fge: Like add sub mul div sgt sge, but operates on signed single float
1b dup: p1p2, p=a, q=a
1c swp: p2p2, p=b, q=a
1d equ: p2p1, p=(a=b signed)
1e lda [word A]: p0p1, p=mem[(A)]
1f sta [word A]: p1p0, mem[(A)]=a
20 wlda [word A]: p1p1, p=mem[(A+a)]
21 wsta [word A]: p2p0, mem[(A+b)]=a
21 iinc [byte a]: p1p0, increases the value of address specified, by signed byte a

81 print_str [string a]: prints content of UTF-8 string a
82 wprint: p1p0, prints content of address specified (if integer, signed)
82 newline: prints a new line
83 getstring: p1p0, get a string from somewhere and store at address specified}
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