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Languages -- Minus273's Homepage

Minus273's Homepage -> Languages

Languages are cool, aren't they?
Zanhereruo: Shanghai dialect Romanization(abandoned)/上海话罗马字(废弃)
WuRoman: A universal Wu Romanization/通用吴语罗马字
Ellemanska: Germanic planned language(draft)/日尔曼折衷语(草稿)
LooMaJi: Taiwanese romanization intro/闽南语罗马字入门
NewLatin: Draft for minus273's new latin/新拉丁文草稿
DeutschZuBanlam: A German to Taiwanese transcription/德文到闽南语的译音方案

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May 6 2006 Mariaslied: The Song of Mary Magdalene/抹大拉的马利亚之歌
May 4 2006 TimePast: I'm Epi's fan/我是Epi的fan
May 3 2006 PhilosophicalNotes1: Minus273's philosophical notes 1/minus273的哲学笔记之一
Apr 27 2006 PlutarchLives: Plutarch's Lives, Pericles/普鲁塔克列传之伯里克利

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