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Names of minus273/Minus273的名字们

Like everyone on the net, minus273 has lotta names, each with its own story.


龔勳, in pinyin Gong Xun, is my official name. There is some dispute about the pronunciation of my name, so I will list most of the variants here.
Middle Chinese/中古汉语: 见母通摄平声三等合,晓母臻摄平声三等合。
Standard Chinese/普通话: Gōng Xūn/ㄍㄨㄥ ㄒㄩㄣ
By phono- and philological rules, my family name (the first character) should be pronounced Jiōng. But some interesting historical incident caused the pronunciation to be Gōng. An interesting phenomenon for bizzarologists to observe is that it is oft being pronounced as "Gǒng", mostly by Zanhenese people.
Southwest Mandarin/西南官话: Either /koŋ ɕyn/ (as Standard Chinese) or /tɕoŋ ɕyn/ (more regular). 要么念/koŋ ɕyn/(近国音),要么念/tɕoŋ ɕyn/(近古音)。
Zanhenese/上海话: Cugn Xugn (French-style Wu Romanization/法式吴语拼音) Kyn Hyn (My personal romanization [WuRoman]/家制拼音 [WuRoman])
But again my family name is often pronounced as Kogn/Kon.
Taiwanese/漳泉话: Kiong1 Hun1


/ɕyn45 lv52/ or/或 /lv55 lv52/.
One of the family nicknames. The etymology is interesting. There was an OS called Linux /lin45 lv52 kʰe21 sɨ11/, and then someone made a jocular reference on "Xunux" /ɕyn45 lv52 kʰe21 sɨ11/. Then it is abbreviated and dimunized to the current form.
家中的小名。来源是这样的,有个操作系统叫Linux /lin45 lv52 kʰe21 sɨ11/,然后有人开玩笑说要做个Xunux /ɕyn45 lv52 kʰe21 sɨ11/。后来就成了现在的样子。


My first English name. The official etymology I give here is Alexandros -> Alexander -> Sander -> Sandy. But in fact this is given when I was young and taking LLL English as my English coursebook. (Yes, THAT Sandy)
我的第一个英文名字。我的官方词源是:亚力珊得罗斯 -> Alexander -> Sander -> Sandy。不过其实这是我小的时候,学《3L英语》,于是就取了这个名字。
Nickname on/在如下网站的昵称: LinuxEden (as/是 "SandyWon"), LinuxFans, Linuxsir (before Dec. 24, 2003/2003年十二月24日以前)


Not very interesting, since I used it not often.
Nickname on/在如下网站的昵称: (deprecated), sourceforge


Currently my main nickname. Clearly it is a reference to absolute zero (though not accurate).
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