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The name 'NMachine' stands for 'Neo Machine'


There are four blocks of memories in an N-machine:

1. The stack
It is used for calculating... and almost everything is done on this stack.

2. The memory
It is just a good old-style 4G memory, the program starts at 0x00000000 and is able to modify and read anything in the memory, including itself.

3. The return-address stack
Just a stack full of pointers, the gosub and return instruction depends on this.

4. The frame stack
A frame stack to allocate local variables and pass arguments.

Instruction Set


1. L in instructions like lod means the length of numbers:
0 for bytes
1 for words
2 for integers
3 for int64s

2. Type names:
8bit: char
16bit: short
32bit: int
64bit: comp
8bit: byte
16bit: word
32bit: lword
64bit: qword
name for just bytes:
8bit: byte
16bit: word
32bit: long
64bit: huge

0x00 Basic Functions

0x00 halt
U: Halts the machine
X: 00

0x01 libn
A: uword->function name
U: Call libn functions
X: 01 00 01(Call function 2 on page 1)

0x10 Loads and Stores

0x10+L lod
S: addr
R: a
U: Get content at lword addr and put it on the stack
X: 11 00 00 01 21(Get a word at 0x00000121)

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