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Apr 1 2005

Special Thanks to and ShiyuTang for outing this.
Famous Chinese IM provider Tencent take its software('Meisterwerk') QQ2005 beta1 back because it is caught copying Skype, due to lack of modification in the license. A few hours later, the version with 'Skype' is deleted.
中国著名的即时通讯服务提供商腾讯,由于涉嫌在其 QQ2005 beta1 中抄袭 Skype 软件,并且修改不全而导致网友发现了其抄袭行为,不得不召回该版软件。数小时后,腾讯放出了删除含有 Skype 字样信息的版本。

This is part of the license.txt under the Beta1 installation folder.

License in Chinese:

4.1.1 许可利用您的计算机: 为了得到Skype软件所提供的利益,您在此许可Skype软件利用您计算机的处理器和宽带,用作容许其它Skype软件使用者与您通讯联络的有限目的。

4.1.2 保护您的计算机(资源): 您认可Skype软件将会尽其商业上的合理努力以保护您的计算机资源及计算机通讯的隐私性和完整性,但是, 您承认和同意Skype不能就此事提供任何保证。

Doubleplusungood Duckspeak Translation to English:

4.1.1 Allowing to use your computer: To receive the profit by the Skype software. You hereby allow Skype software to use your computer and internet connection, on the limited purpose of enabling other Skype users to contact with you.

4.1.2 Protecting your computer/resource: You assure that the Skype software will make reasonable commercial efforts to protect the privacy and integrity of your computer resource and communication. However, you admit and agree that Skype will make no guarantee on this.

The original license terms in Skype:
4.1 Permission to utilize Your computer. In order to receive the benefits provided by the Skype Software, you hereby grant permission for the Skype Software to utilize the processor and bandwidth of Your computer for the limited purpose of facilitating the communication between You and other Skype Software users.

4.2 Protection of Your computer (resources). You understand that the Skype Software will use its commercially reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and integrity of Your computer resources and Your communication, however, You acknowledge and agree that Skype cannot give any warranties in this respect.
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