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Some original letter on the net/网上流传的一封信

From there/来自这里:!1pcn8HyWd8xKLE2J2wuDU_rA!1216.entry
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well in school and feeling
happy. I am back in New York now and miss all my students at
Tsinghua very much.
But there is another reason that I am writing to you. There is
something I must tell you. Something very wrong and dangerous is going
on in the foreign languages department at Tsinghua University.

What is going on at Tsinghua University?
Almost all the other foreign teachers at Tsinghua University are
members of a cult. What is a cult? A cult is a type of religion that
is illegal in China and most of the world. A cult is a very dangerous
Why are cults so dangerous?
A cult tricks you into joining it and then it slowly takes you away
from your family, your friends, your career, your country, and your
life. Almost all the other American teachers in the foreign languages
department at Tsinghua are members of a cult called 'Mormonism.' They
are not at Tsinghua to teach you. They have come to Tsinghua as secret
missionaries and want to try and make you become Mormons too.
Why does Tsinghua allow them to be here?
Tsinghua University doesn't know that they are Mormons. They have
found a corrupt person in the foreign languages department and have
paid her a lot of money, and given her many gifts, so that she will lie
to the department and tell them to hire Mormons to teach English at
Why do the Mormons want to teach at Tsinghua?
Mormons believe that they must brainwash every person in every nation
into becoming one of them. Maybe this sounds impossible, but they are
very rich and powerful and are now the fastest growing religion in the
world. Their members take orders from one man, one voice who can
command them what to do and what to think. Now they have their eyes
upon China, and that is why they have come to Tsinghua.
As you know, Tsinghua is the most famous university in China.
President Hu Jintao, as well as many famous political leaders all went
to Tsinghua. The Mormons know that the future leaders of China will
likely come from Tsinghua. They believe that if they can make the
students at Tsinghua into Mormons, then their church will control over
If they are so dangerous, why let them teach here?
As I said, they have found a corrupt administrator in the department of
foreign languages, and they have paid her so much money that she is
willing to betray her people and her nation.
The Tsinghua English Summer Camp is completely run by the Mormons and taught by the Mormons.
Starting next semester ALL of the English teachers at Tsinghua
University will be Mormons.
What do they want to do to the students?
They want to make you a Mormon. If you are a Mormon then you must obey the Mormon Church without question. You must give your money to the Mormon Church. If your families are not Mormons then you will be
forced to leave your family and not see them again. If your friends are
not Mormons then you will be forced to leave them and not see them
How do I protect myself?
These are the words that they use: Mormon, Mormonism, L.D.S. (acronym for Later Day Saints), BYU (acronym for Brigham Young University, a Mormon recruitment center, not a real school).
If any of the foreign teachers at Tsinghua say they are Mormon, LDS,
Later Day Saints, or if they say they went to BYU or Brigham Young
University then BEWARE.
What is BYU or Brigham Young University?
BYU or Brigham Young University is a school in the United States. But
its real goal is as a recruitment and training center for Mormons.
Many Tsinghua students have been tricked into attending BYU. They are told they can go to America and attend a famous school, and then they
are trapped at BYU and brainwashed. Please be very careful.
What can we do?
The only thing you can do is to warn the other students so they know to
protect themselves. A student who becomes a Mormon will soon be taken
away from China and from their family and their lives.
I love you all and it pains me that Americans are doing such terrible
things in China. Not all Americans are like this. It is only a few,
the ones we call Mormons. Please be careful of them and do not agree
to become one of them.


Are Mormons really cults? Personally I don't think so... But doing missionary works in coursework is nothing special. It's very common anywhere... (but I hate it)
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